Picasso of Palestine

Thirteen-year-old Mohammed Quraiqe has gained notoriety as the “Picasso of Palestine” for his portraits and landscapes. A resident of the Shujaiya, the area hardest hit by Israel during its summer 2014 offensive against Gaza, Quraiqe often reflects images of war and suffering in his work.

photo 1He is also known for his portraits of Palestinian national figures, including the late Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) chairman Yasser Arafat, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, a Hamas founder assassinated by Israel in 2004, and Fathi Shikaki, co-founder of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine and gunned in 1995 outside a Maltese hotel allegedly by two officers of the Israeli Mossad.



Quraiqe’s work has been exhibited in several countries, such as Turkey, Iran, and Tunisia. Despite the blockade, he was able to travel to Tunis over the summer for an exhibition of his work. His work was also exhibited in Gaza City in December.


Mohammed Quraiqe was profiled by Middle East Eye and the Electronic Intifada.