Media Roundup: Jerusalem Violence Continues to Escalate

(Photo Credit: Abed Al Hashlamoun/EPA)

The violence in Jerusalem continues to escalate as the Palestinian death toll rose to 27 after Israeli forces killed 3 Palestinians Monday morning. 4 Israelis have been killed in stabbing attacks by Palestinians.

The immediate background for the violence is the ever more provocative actions by Jewish fundamentalists challenging Muslim authority over the Noble Sanctuary. As we recently wrote: “Israeli police routinely escort Jewish fundamentalist into the Noble Sanctuary, the third holiest site in Islam, where they call for the Dome of the Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque to be destroyed and replaced by the Third Temple to hasten the return of the Messiah. Some of these Temple revanchists seek confrontation with local Palestinians, with their leaders openly stating that a strategy of unceasing provocation would serve their interests.”

The larger story, of course, is the occupation of East Jerusalem and the attendant discrimination, marginalization and dispossession Palestinians face.

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In the absence of any hope for an end to occupation or even fair treatment as Jerusalemites, alongside Israel’s heavy-hand tactics, many Palestinians have erupted in frustration and clashes with Israeli police forces have become a daily occurrence.

The Ramallah-based Palestinian human rights organization Al Haq published a list on October 1 of the 24 Palestinians killed by Israel before Monday morning. The list is remarkable for the young age of all of the victims, including many minors.

(Photo Credit: Al Haq)
(Photo Credit: Al Haq)

While Israeli police officers appear to shot Palestinian suspects even when there is no immediate danger, similar stabbings against Palestinians by Jewish suspects are not met with live fire. An Israeli who recently stabbed four Palestinians was arrested. As a video below demonstrates, a 19-year-old Palestinian suspect who could also have been arrested was instead killed on sight.

“Israel tore Fadi Alloun’s family apart; then it killed him,” Budour Youssef Hassan, Electronic Intifada – 8 October

(Photo Credit: Fadi Samir Alloun Facebook page)
(Photo Credit: Fadi Samir Alloun Facebook page)

Last week, Fadi Alloun celebrated his 19th birthday with friends in Issawiyeh, a village in occupied East Jerusalem. He was thrilled that he had recently obtained a driving license. As a birthday gift, his father promised to help him buy a car. […]

Five days later, Fadi was slain by militarized Israeli police in the Musrara neighborhood, beside Jerusalem’s Old City.

The Israeli police claim Fadi had tried to stab an Israeli teenager. But video evidence from the scene of Fadi’s killing on Sunday does not corroborate this claim.

Rather, the videos show the Israeli police executing Fadi in cold blood. A group of Israeli Jews was filmed rejoicing at his death.

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“Video: Israel plants armed ‘stone throwers’ among Palestinian protesters,” Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada – 7 October

(Photo Credit: Electronic Intifada)
(Photo Credit: Electronic Intifada)

A Reuters correspondent observed Israeli undercover agents disguised as Palestinian youths inciting violence. He’s backed up by video evidence. One video shows an Israeli undercover agent apparently firing a pistol into the leg of a Palestinian at point blank range.

Luke Baker tweeted: “Footage in Ramallah shows undercover #Israeli police throwing stones at Israeli forces and inciting #Palestinian youth to do the same.”

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On Sunday, another extremely graphic video emerged of a Palestinian boy bleeding to death on Jerusalem’s light rail tracks while being taunted by nearby Israelis and treated with indifference by the police.

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“‘We are the masters,’ says Israeli mayor, as 3 more Palestinians are killed,” Charlotte Silver, Electronic Intifada – 13 October. 

(Photo Credit: Yotam Ronen/ActiveStills)
(Photo Credit: Yotam Ronen/ActiveStills)

Another law to increase the penalty for throwing stones passed its first reading in the Knesset.

Punishments for minors in present-day Israel and occupied East Jerusalem used to be that parents’ benefits would be frozen or the minor would be sentenced to jail time.

Sponsored by Ayelet Shaked, the justice minister who is notorious for her violent anti-Palestinian incitement, the new law would allow both penalties to be issued at once.

On Monday, three minors were arrested in Umm al-Fahim and two more in Jerusalem for allegedly throwing stones.

In attempt to appease demands for tougher “security,” the mayor of the northern Israeli city Kiryat Bialik instructed police to inspect the ID cards of Arab workers at construction sites in the city, Ynet reported.

“We are the masters of this land,” the mayor, Eli Dukorsky, wrote in a directive to city officials.

“Internet Incitement Against Arabs in Israel on the Rise,” Ofra Edelman, Ha’aretz – 13 October

Some Israelis have countered the hate messages. Oded Gelfand on Facebook: "Hate is not a value, racism is not the way." (Photo Credit: Facebook/Ha'aretz)
Some Israelis have countered the hate messages. Oded Gelfand on Facebook: “Hate is not a value, racism is not the way.” (Photo Credit: Facebook/Ha’aretz)

Since the latest wave of violence began there has been a sharp rise in the number of statements inciting to violence against Arabs, and in the number of Facebook pages expressing extremist right-wing positions receiving ‘likes,’ according to experts on monitoring Internet discourse.
Hateful expressions appearing recently on the Web include calls for death to Arabs and terrorists, and calls for a second Nakba (“catastrophe”), referring to the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Arabs from Palestine in 1948.

When MK Yinon Magal said on Channel 10 that one can count “not only intifadas but also Nakbas,” his comment went viral.

“Israeli Airstrikes in the Gaza Strip Kill Pregnant Woman and Her Toddler,” Vice News – 11 October

(Photo Credit: Mohammed Saber/EPA)
(Photo Credit: Mohammed Saber/EPA)

Palestinian medical officials said a pregnant woman and her toddler were killed on Sunday when Israeli aircraft bombed two suspected Hamas weapons manufacturing sites in the Gaza Strip.

According to the Israeli Defense Forces, the airstrikes were launched in response to rockets that were fired hours earlier. The woman, identified as Noor Hassan, reportedly lived next door to the targets, and she and her three-year-old daughter died when their house collapsed from the impact.

“Israel’s high court champions revenge against Palestinian families,” Charlotte Silver, Electronic Intifada -9 October

Israel is fast-tracking the demolition of homes belonging to the families of Palestinians accused of or involved in attacks on Israeli Jews.

These demolitions have long been condemned as illegal collective punishment — a war crime — against civilians under occupation.

The measure is only used by Israel against Palestinians. Even in cases where Israelis are convicted of killing Palestinians — rare though such convictions are given pervasive impunity — their family homes are never demolished.

At an emergency security cabinet meeting Monday night, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tasked the justice minister, Ayelet Shaked, with finding ways to “legally expedite” the demolitions.

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