About Palestine Square


Since its founding in 1963, the Institute for Palestine Studies has been at the forefront of scholarship, discussion and debate on Palestine, and Palestine Square will continue and expand that tradition in a bold new initiative to expand our audience beyond scholars and students to a broader American public that is more and more engaged with Palestine. Palestine Square will be your new meeting place for Palestinian politics and culture!

The Leading Scholars and Experts on Palestine

The leading thinkers on Palestinian affairs inside Israel, under occupation and in the diaspora discuss the latest developments within the context of international law, human rights and the right to self-determination; along with the conflict’s impact on regional affairs and geopolitics and regional and international trends affecting Palestine and Israel.


A colorful page devoted to Palestinian culture – art, poetry, novels, and films! Including a monthly series on Palestinian artists profiled in exclusive interviews, reviews of exhibitions, films, novels and diwan, and the latest on Palestinian artists touring the United States and plays and films onstage and onscreen, and much, much more!

Palestine Unbound

And in Palestine Unbound we spotlight popular conversations related to Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict held on new and dynamic platforms unbound by traditional media. Palestine Unbound is the digital counterpart to the Journal of Palestine Studies’ namesake feature, which presents selections that have either gone viral or represent a significant cultural moment or trend.

As with our great contribution to the academic discourse on Palestine, we believe Palestine Square will greatly impact the political and cultural discourse on Palestine – toward a discourse that is inspired by knowledge and conviction.

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